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The 'Little John' is new to our range and has been designed from the ground up to provide a bench that is small in size but capable of handling the rigours of handtool use.

The most import feature of this workbench is that it is stable and won't rack or move around during use. To acheive this we use timbers that are substatial enough to give weight for grounding it and the back legs are splayed so it will resist racking and remain that way over time.

Like all of our workbenches we wanted to ensure that your work could be held quickly and firmly. A traditional leg vice in the face position ensures you have all the grip needed.
A Veritas Inset Wagon vice is installed in the tail position and this discreet addition ensures you can hold work flat to the bench top between dogs.
A row of dog holes in the top and front leg have a diameter of 3/4" and are perfect for using a holdfast.

Top thickness: 68mm
Height: 864mm (34”)
Length: 1524mm (5’)
Width: 560mm (22”)

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We have included further information on the design of this workbench on our blog :
When Bigger isn’t Better
The Little John Workbench

Little John Workbench

Price: £1250.00