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The Maguire ‘Empire’ is inspired by a workbench that formed the backbone of English woodworking for centuries & yet sadly began to disappear with the age of industry. This workbench is a testament to the phrase ‘less is more’ and demonstrates just how efficient simplicity can be.

Maguire Empire Workbench

NEW - Upgraded Face Vice with shaft system included

Heavy Weight - Traditionally
the bench would have been light,
however to meet the needs of a whole
variety of woodworkers I have given my

 version a substantial weight and the two deep aprons tie everything together so the bench is solid and completely rack free.
No Twist - Supports are added to the wooden guide in the
face vice to ensure that the jaw simply can not twist or rack. What’s more these supports are fully adjustable so the vice can remain running true even after a lifetime of use.
Intuitive Work Holding - Featuring two rows of dog holes, and a central
flip stop it is easy to hold work down to the top firmly and quickly using dogs, holdfasts & battens. In addition a small F-clamp can be fitted within the gap if the flip stop is removed.

Height: 864mm (34”)
Length: 1830mm (6’)
Width: 610mm (24”)

Was £1195.00