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The Maguire ‘Artisan’ is a beautifully crafted and sturdy workbench that now comes with a variety of options to ensure that it is the perfect match to your woodworking requirements.

Face Vice options: (either option included within prices)
Twin Screw Vice - the ideal companion for the woodworker who often works with wide panels.
Single Screw Face Vice -An effortless vice with superb grip, and no rack.

Maguire Wagon Vice - Maguire Wagon Vice now included as standard on all options.

Option 1: Length 6’ / Top thickness 68mm £2495.00

Please enquire for further variants in length and top thickness.

Includes two brass bench dogs
All options have a width of  610mm (24”)
Standard height 34” custom height no extra charge

CLICK to watch our Artisan Video