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My passion for traditional woodwork inspired me to set up this business. My aim is to build the best workbenches in the world and so I never compromise on quality for anything. I have selected materials and designed bench hardware which I believe lives up to this aim and mixed together with an extremely high level of craftsmanship my benches are designed to last a lifetime and more.

I love what I do so you can be assured that no shortcuts are ever taken. I run my business in an honest an open manner and do everything possible to make your experience positive.

Top quality can never be cheap however I believe that my benches are priced to offer exceptional value for money, and if you consider the large size of the timber sections that I use along with the traditional joinery I am sure that you will agree.

For me my workbench is the most important tool when making furniture and I rely on it to provide a stable, rack free surface that can hold my work in any position with incredible speed. I believe that a good workbench can enable speed and efficiency within woodworking whilst a great workbench can inspire passion, enjoyment and take your woodworking to a whole new level.